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Work Time Contact Center Bank: Mon-Fri From 8AM To 8PM, Sat-Sun from 8AM to 6PM
Additional phone numbers:
+375 (17) 218 57 77;
+375 (29) 198 57 77 (A1);
+375 (29) 888 57 77 (МТС);
+375 (25) 999 57 77 (Life :)

Calls from fixed or mobile phone are charged according to the regular rates.
Information service is free of charge.


JSC Belagroprombank makes every effort to ensure security when working with customers with the most advanced products and services. We monitor new threats and eliminate software vulnerabilities, carry out activities to improve the information security management system. However, even the most sophisticated and reliable security tools used by the Bank cannot withstand all threats and provide a 100% guarantee of protection against fraud. Bank customers also need to be careful and follow these simple rules:

When using a smartphone, tablet or computer:

  • Never share your personal, card or other confidential data (for example, login and password of Internet banking, personal passport number, the value of the verification code printed on the back of the card, or PIN code) to strangers, even if they are represented by  employees of the Bank, processing center, service, conducting opinion polls, etc.
  • Install and use only licensed antivirus software and perform daily updates of antivirus databases.
  • Perform regular installation of security updates for system and application software, in accordance with the recommendations of its manufacturers.
  • To access the Internet resources of the Bank, always type the website addresses manually or use browser bookmarks that you made yourself. When you go to the Bank's website from other Internet resources, check the accuracy of the link (the address must be specified
  • Pay attention that the address of the Internet banking and Client-Bank should begin with «https://», and not with «http://»:
  • Internet banking Client-Bank
  • Never reply to e-mails requesting confidential data, do not follow the links indicated in them, do not open the attached files. All emails requesting confidential data are fraudulent!
  • Check the details of incoming SMS messages. SMS messages from the Bank can be received only from the numbers «Belagroprom», «BelAPB», «BELAPB.BY», "Agrobank", «1207», «1208».
  • When receiving a Viber mailing from the Bank, make sure that it is made from the official account (the sender is BELAGROPROMBANK, the official logo is present, there is a mark in the form of a green check mark and the information that the sender passed the Viber check, when receiving a message - the window does not pop up that the message did not come from your address book). You can read more about Viber mailing here.
  • Use only official Bank applications from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store. All official applications of the Bank are described on the Bank’s corporate website, for example, here 
When using self-service devices:


  • Give preference to ATMs and infokiosks installed in protected places (for example, in the institutions, banks, large shopping centers).
  • Inspect the terminal before use. Make sure there are no additional devices on the keyboard and in the card reception area. Pay attention to malfunctions and damages — for example, to the unevenly installed keyboard. If there is something suspicious, do not use this terminal.
  • Do not use a defective device. If the ATM, infokiosk freezes or spontaneously reboots - refuse to perform operations and find another device.
  • Cover the keyboard with your hand when entering your PIN code. If there are no people around, this does not mean that fraudsters are not watching you.
  • Do not use the terminal in the presence of suspicious persons and do not accept help from strangers when making transactions at an ATM or an infokiosk. If necessary, contact a Bank employee, call the Contact Center at 136 or other verified numbers recorded in the agreement with the Bank or on the back of the card.
  • Write down or remember the telephone number 136 (Contact Center) or +375 (17) 299-25-25 (this number is printed on the back of the card). Be careful about the phone numbers that are listed on the ATM - they can be replaced by fraudsters. Remember that a Bank or service employee will never ask you to dictate your PIN code.
  • If the ATM or infokiosk has withdrawn your card, immediately block it in any convenient way.

In case you have suffered from fraud

  1. First of all, the card must be blocked. If you have revealed the fact of unauthorized access to Internet banking or a mobile application, immediately contact the Bank's Contact Center by calling 136 to block your account.
  2. File a fraud report to any police unit.
  3. If you decide to apply to the Bank for a refund, you will need to make a written statement of unauthorized transactions of the appropriate form. The Bank employees will help you to issue all the necessary documents, after which the Bank will initiate a check on this fact. According to the results of the audit, the Bank will decide on possibility of a refund, taking into account the norms of the current legislation.

Let’s fight against fraud together:

  • The Department of information security and protection is working to prevent fraud. There  will be fewer defrauded people if you help us: write to, if you have witnessed any fraudulent activity, for example, if you find a website with doubtful financial offers, where fraudsters on behalf of the Bank mislead customers. In the letter specify the website address and we will contact law enforcement authorities and together we will protect clients from deception.
  • If you find vulnerability on one of the Internet resources of JSC Belagroprombank: the Bank's website, Internet banking, Mobile applications of the Bank, Client-Bank, also write a letter to

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