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The decision to execute a transaction dd. 28.05.2018

The Joint Stock Company “Belagroprombank” (address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 3 Zhukov Ave.) informs that on 28.05.2018 the Supervisory Board of JSC Belagroprombank made a decision to execute the following bilateral transactions with an affiliated person of JSC Belagroprombank (JSC Turovshchina):

- the assets sale transaction through the assets sale and purchase agreement. Gross assets under contract: 186 178 (one hundred eighty six thousand one hundred seventy eight) Belarusian rubles 01 kopeck;

- the transaction on the provision of gratuitous (sponsor) support to JSC Turovshchina  for the purpose of upgrading the facilities of JSC Turovshchina with a total value of 1 730 (one thousand seven hundred thirty) Belarusian rubles 49 kopecks.

The book value of assets for the past reporting period preceding the date of the decision to make the transaction totals 9 885 622 thousand Belarusian rubles.

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07/02/23 we buy we sell
USD 2.6990 2.7250
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Precious metal
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