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International Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will be held in Minsk. The show will be held in Minsk on the 20th of November, 2010

We shall note that, initially many of the participating countries of EBU wanted to be the tender. After the first hearing of the Supervisory Board of EBU this year in February in the final were  only three countries - Belarus, Russia and Malta.

On the 5th of June in Kiev, meeting of the Supervisory Board of the EMU was held, where the country finalists showed their presentations. Taking into account successful adult “Eurovision-2009” in May  in Moscow, many considered that Russia will be the favorite. However, the ideas presented at the presentation by Belteleradiocompany were so convincing and compelling that the decision was in our favor. Belarus is the host coutry of Junior Eurovision 2010! Complex Minsk-Arena was chosen as a venue. Among the advantages of the Belarusian request presentation in comparison with competitors from Russia and Malta, was the highest detailing of all the moments of staying of foreign delegations in Belarus. Program for free time of young performers has already been determined and (they will be taken to a special circus show, to  meeting with the Belarusian Grandfather Frost, and others), and a unique stage design, large capacity of the arena (about 15000 spectators), and contest slogan ("Feel the magic!") one month before the New Year, will bring children to dip in Belarus in the atmosphere of  tale with surprises. Banners with  the images of participants planned to be stick in the central streets of the Belarusian cities, and their videos will be broadcasted on the screens of Belteleradiocompany in Minsk to make them feel real stars. Soon the artist who will give a master class for participants will be determined. Among the candidates - Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and other pop-stars.

Young Daniel Kozlov will represent our country at the VIII International Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 .

Eleven young Belarusian artists wanted to perform on the stage of the Junior Eurovision 2010. As a result of the voting of the jury and the audience, song “Light of Music" by Daniel scored highest number of points. Artem Kulevich from Brest accompanied Daniel by the piano.

The winner of the national selection  Daniel Kozlov is from Zhabinka, Brest region, he is 13 years old and is in the 8th form. He started singing at the age of three years. Daniel takes singing lessons with teacher Nellie Dukova and also in Zhabinka School of  Arts lessons on violin.

In the finale of Junior Eurovision 2010, which will be held on the 20th of November in Minsk-Arena, he will perform  song "Light of Music", inspired by the legendary "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven.

The procedure of performance of the international Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is determined. During the draw at a meeting of heads of delegation in Minsk-Arena the first and the last number were named, number of the representative of the host country, as well as countries whose representatives will perform in the first and the second part of the concert. Order for these groups was determined by taking into account the wishes of the directors, based on the direction of the songs.

The first will be Lithuanian artist Nojus Bartashka with the song “Okie doki”, the last - Anya Veterova from Macedonia with the song  “Eooo, Eooo”. The representative from Belarus Daniel Kozlov with the song “Light of Music” will be number 12.

Other participants were divided into groups A and B. The participants  in  Group A will perform in the first half of the concert, in group B - in the second. The order in which other 11 participants will take place depends on the musical orientation of their songs. The order of performances of contestants is as follows:

1. Lithuania-Nojus Bartashka (“Okie doki”).

2. Moldova-Shtefanel Roshcovan (“Ali Baba”).

3. The Netherlands - Anna and Senna (“My Family”).

4. Serbia - Sonya Shkorich (“Stellar Night”).

5. Ukraine - Julia Gurskaya (“My plane”).

6. Sweden -  Josephine Rydell (“All I Want”).

7. Russia -  Sasha Lazin and Lisa Drozd (“Boy and Girl”).

8. Latvia - Charlotte Lenman (“Viva La Dance”).

9. Belgium - Jill and Lauren (“Be resolute!”).

10. Armenia -Vladimir Arzoumanian (“Mother”).

11. Malta - Nicole Azzopardi (“Knock Knock! Boom! Boom!”).

12. Belarus - Daniel Kozlov (“Light of music”).

13. Georgia -  Mariam Kahelishvili(“Marie-Dari”).

14. Macedonia - Anya Veterova ( “Eooo, Eooo”).

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