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European partners of Belagroprombank reunited

On November 8, 2018 Belagroprombank has raised a syndicated facility from the leading European partner banks. The deal has become the largest one among earlier implemented by Belagroprombank exclusively with European partners and the second European syndication in Belarus since 2008. 

As compared to the similar deal arranged in 2016, the amount of funds provided for Belagroprombank by the European financial institutions has doubled and made up 40 million euros. The tenor has also doubled as compared to the previous deal – 1 year with prolongation option for the similar tenor. Besides, the cost of lending has considerably reduced.
– The funds provided to the bank will be invested into the support of trade finance projects of the bank’s clients with the European partners, as it has been commented by the press service of the bank. 
More than ten years’ experience in syndicated facilities allows Belagroprombank to act independently as an arranger of the deal. Invariably strict policy with respect to the payment discipline, stability and transparence of the bank’s activity as well as a high level of financial indicators together with long-term partnership and friendship with the leading financial institutions of Europe let the bank to implement unique projects expanding the credibility of European investors towards the Belorussian banking system in whole.
The bank strives towards diversification of the source of funding. The wide geography of the participants of the deal is presented by the banks from five European countries – Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Albania and the Netherlands.
The history of Belagroprombank presence on the syndicated facility market was enriched by another truly significant project. Each deal of syndicated facility implemented by Belagroprombank is unique. The project implemented this year and being the twelfth one in the whole history of the bank has not been an exception.
Belagroprombank expresses appreciation toward all the participants of the syndicated facility and congratulates with its successfull implementation.

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Precious metal
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