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A popular ONT TV presenter Ekaterina Tishkevich: “Belagroprombank is a reliable financial partner. Belagroprombank gives me the opportunity to keep my money safe and make a profit from it. 

I can definitely say that I am an active user of Internet Banking. This service became especially relevant to my life after my daughter’s birth. A young mom does not always have the possibility to leave the house and never has enough time to go to the bank and sit there in queues, especially before the 25th of each month… Internet Banking helped me be independent in everyday routine and, as they say, “not to put off till tomorrow what you can pay today”. 

Besides, I actively pay with my bank payment card.  It especially saves you time in the supermarket, providing that the terminal works properly”.



The National artist of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Yarmolenko: “What I really appreciate about JSC Belagroprombank is that it supports talented children, participates in various social and cultural events. It is very essential for our society, and will return a hundredfold. 
We should pay more attention to the development of children’s spirituality and harmony. It will help them feel comfortable in everyday life. Even at difficult times we should try to make the best of our lives”.




Director of the State enterprise “Selection and hybrid Center “West” Aleksandr Bich: 

“Belagroprombank is a trustful partner of our enterprise, and our cooperation has already brought fruitful results. For the past several years, thanks to the bank’s support we managed to increase the annual turnover of our products. 

We have some problem issues which we hope to solve with the Bank’s assistance. We hope for further fruitful mutual cooperation”.





Chief accountant of JSC “Mineral wax plant” Maxim Zhuk: “JSC Belagroprombank has become a trustful partner in the difficult period for our enterprise. The plant closed the credit line last year ahead of time which had been opened to finance the construction of a manufactory for the production of wax. The terms for the provision of the credit line were preferential even taking into account the fact that we are regular customers of the Bank.
Belagroprombank’s branch in Mariina Gorka provides our enterprise all the necessary services.
Our employees’ salary is credited into accounts opened to the cards of JSC Belagroprombank. Due to this fact ATMs of Belagroprombank have been placed in the township Svisloch and in the village Druzhniy. Now the employees of the plant and the inhabitants of these villages do not have to go Mariina Gorka to withdraw cash from the card.
Many employees of our plant use the bank’s services with pleasure”. 



Chief accountant of JSC   “Beer factory Olivaria” Larisa Dubovik: “Belagroprombank is a flexible financial partner  which is eager to meet the needs of each particular enterprise. We appreciate your willingness and readiness to satisfy every client’s needs. I also keep my savings with JSC Belagroprombank”. 







A popular Belarusian TV presenter, the honored artist of the Republic of Belarus Elena Spiridovich: “For me Belagroprombank is associated with reliability, stability and trust. Belagroprombank provides all the services at the highest level – fast, professionally and qualitatively. I really enjoy visiting Belagroprombank”!





A famous tennis player and singer Olga Baranbanshchikova: “The development of agroecotourism has become possible due to the support of Belagroprombank.  Now not only Belarusians can spend their leisure time in the fresh air but also thousands of guests from neighboring countries can enjoy the beauty of Belarusian nature”.





The honored figure of culture of Belarus Svetlana Statsenko: “Belagroprombank is a perfect example of the socially responsible business. As a teacher I am grateful to the Bank for the support of talented children. And as a mother and a client I am grateful for a modern technique – children’s payment cards. Children can rationally plan their expenses with their use, and we, parents, can control them”.






General manager of the unitary enterprise “Agrokombinat  “Zhdanovichy” Grigory Chuyko: “Agrokombinat and Belagroprombank have been cooperating for many years already. Due to the Bank’s support we have a possibility to develop our business. With the loan assistance from Belagroprombank we were able to purchase new equipment and designs for the greenhouse complex. All this resulted in new workplaces, import substitution and qualitative Belarusian products”.




    Head of the farm “Druzhba and K” in Smolevichy region Krapivko Vladimir:  “We have started our mutual cooperation with Belagroprombank since we opened our farm. Now we lease all the necessary equipment and use the current and investment loans. Frankly speaking, if we had not received the support from JSC Belagroprombank we would have still had the minimum profit with profitability equal to about zero. The Bank’s support enabled further development of our business: new lands, new plants, automation of labour, which eventually lead to cost reduction".



A famous theatre and film actress Regina Dombrovskaya: “I am glad to be the customer of JSC Belagroprombank. I feel comfortable when visiting the Bank. What I really appreciate about the Bank is that it takes care of the older generation by offering deposits and the special package of social benefits (all the pensioners are aware of the deposit “Care”). I understand that elderly people are not profitable customers for the Bank, but I really respect Belagroprombank for its attention towards elderly people”! 



The National artist of the Republic of Belarus Alexander  Tichonovich: “Our friendly family started using Internet Banking  several years ago, and now it is difficult to imagine our modern life without such a service as it saves our time. It is easy, fast and trustworthy! And due to Belagroprombank’s wide network of branches all over the country people can use modern banking services even in small towns and villages”.



A popular TV presenter Denis Kuryan: “Belagroprombank is one of my favourite banks. I especially like its corporative orange colour which makes me positive during the cold and gloomy winter.

My eldest son Kirill has been the customer of Belagroprombank for three years already since his birth. His grandmother and grandfather opened the deposit “Grow happy!” in his name.


As a result, Kirill not only increases his savings on the deposit but also gets a present to his birthday every year (I think, no other bank in our country does this). That is why it is quite logically that among his first words were not only "mother”, "father", but also the word "Agrik" (a small soft toy from the Bank) which our little depositor pronounces without the letter "r"…)”.

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