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Museum of Belagroprombank

The solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of the exhibition exposition of JSC Belagroprombank took place in 2011.

The museum was established in order to preserve the traditions of JSC Belagroprombank and engage them into the corporate culture and professional ethics, and spread the knowledge about the bank’s history.

The architectural solution of the ceiling and the floor represents the gradual growth and development of the bank and divides the museum exposition into two parts – history and modernity.

The first exposition demonstrates the history of creation and establishment of JSC Belagroprombank. It displays objects, photographs, documents collected from across Belarus and materials from the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus and the National Historic Archives of Belarus, as well as the materials dedicated to the managers who were in charge of the bank at different stages of the bank’s history.

The next exposition represents the bank’s identity.

It relates to the modern days of our bank. Belagroprombank has considerably changed during its history. Originally established to serve agricultural sector, today Belagroprombank has moved up to the new level - it is now a universal financial institution that provides a full range of bank services. The bank’s awards and ratings are proof of success achieved by Belagroprombank.

The Bank’s management. The bank’s management team is a dedicated like-minded team of professionals who enable the bank to effectively operate in the financial services market and fulfil the tasks set by the government. While every member of the Management Board of Belagroprombank supervises different sectors of the bank’s activity, they all work together for a common goal –development of JSC Belagroprombank.

Branch network. The bank is present in all regions across the country which are potentially promising for the provision of bank services to individuals and businesses. This exposition displays the map of branch network of the bank and the photos of the heads of the regional branch offices coordinating the activity of the bank’s local branch offices in the respective regions.

The Bank’s participation in agroecotourism development. In 2007 Belagroprombank at its own initiative took a decision to support agroecotourism development in the Republic of Belarus. One of the museum’s expositions displays the photos of agroecotourism conferences, the best farmsteads which were financially backed up by Belagroprombank and the catalogues published by the bank.

Diorama of “Ozeritsky-Agro” – the bank-owned agricultural enterprise in miniature.

JSC Belagroprombank is a parent company of the bank holding group. The largest enterprise in the holding company is “Ozeritsky-Agro” in Smolevichi district, Minsk region.

Our social policy and charity activity. This exposition displays the photos dedicated to leisure activities held in the bank by the trade union organization, the public association “Belarusian Republican Youth Association” and the Republican Public Association “Belaya Rus”. Belagroprombank makes financial donations to educational establishments, healthcare establishments, agricultural, sports and other organizations.

“Gold fund”. Through all stages of the bank’s establishment and development, it achieved its success through hard and commited work of its employees. People have always been the key asset of our bank. Here are the photos of the best employees who are a “gold fund” of JSC Belagroprombank.

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