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Mission, values and philosophy of the bank

Our philosophy:

Working for the benefit of each client and for the good of society as a whole. 
Our mission:
For clients - we are committed to satisfying all financial services needs of our clients though high quality service and a comprehensive product range. 
For shareholders – we are promoting social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus by actively financing the real sector of the economy.
For employees – we create a favourable environment for discovering and developing individual abilities of each employee, provide career growth opportunities, fair pay and social security benefits.
Our values:
We are committed to make Belagroprombank trademark one of the most popular brands on the Belarusian market and ensure that each new service possesses high consumer brand awareness and contains elements of our bank’s corporate style. We target to take all measures to develop and strengthen Belagroprombank brand.
We constantly set new objectives in different business sectors and make targeted and consistent steps to achieve them. The ability to constantly improve performance results and update the operating mechanisms is vital to enhance the competitiveness of the company. 
Our bank is taking measures to strengthen its position in major financial market sectors and strives to be ahead of its peers in terms of developing new products, introducing cutting-edge advanced technologies and offering promising forms of cooperation to our partners.
 We strive to look for new ideas, be creative in developing relationships with partners, expand our presence in the financial market and enhance availability of our products for all customer target groups. 
Growth of such structure as a bank is many-sided and manifests itself through expanding the branch network, expanding the product and services range and, most important, by increasing its loyal customer base.
Customer loyalty is the most valuable asset, which is crucial for the bank’s success.
The Bank declares its goals in an open and direct manner; our approach towards doing business is transparent and does not allow for the possibility to violate agreements with partners. Information on the bank’s performance is readily available to the public. Openness is the most reliable and fastest way to gain customer loyalty.
On the one hand, this is the ability to clearly see new horizons for development and define an appropriate strategy for the future; on the other hand, it reflects work experience and bona fide reputation which gives every reason for clients to believe that the bank will remain strong and successful. We look into the future with well-grounded optimism.
The ability to clearly define liabilities, keep promises and complete tasks assigned is essential for every bank’s employee as it ensures stable, safe, and predictable business. 
On the safe side
 Secure safekeeping of cash assets entrusted with the bank, reasonable funds deposit and protection of commercial secrets is the first thing clients and partners expect from the bank. This is why there are no unimportant or minor issues when it comes to safety.
Lack of action prevents from winning and maintaining a long-term market-dominant position. This is why each new challenge should be followed by taking the only right decision. 
No extremes or contradictions should be allowed any bank activity. Credit policy must be implemented in conjunction with deposit policy, each new service must be introduced in response to a demand for it, and each decision must be followed through. We do our best to keep our performance balanced as much as possible, and to protect both our own interests and the interests of our clients.
The financial sector reacts in a most sensitive way to the ongoing global processes, therefore our objective is to offer up-to-date services to match current priorities of our customers.
We managed to unite many thousands of employees of different age and views under one idea. Each person is an individual; however, the key to success is to target the common end.
The possession of deep knowledge that enables the bank to negotiate effectively and to build up mutually beneficial relationships with clients and business partners. This entails out-of-the-box thinking, communication skills and mutually acceptable decision-making. 

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100 units
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EUR Euro 2.6482
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Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 11 800.00
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