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+375 (17) 218 57 77;
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+375 (29) 888 57 77 (МТС);
+375 (25) 999 57 77 (Life :)

Calls from fixed or mobile phone are charged according to the regular rates.
Information service is free of charge.


Working in our competitive and dynamic environment requires a creative approach and effectiveness from our staff on a daily basis.

We call on our employees to adhere to unified principles of quality customer service through cooperation, mutually beneficial interests, and irreproachable conduct inside and outside the workplace.
If you 
- possess skills in a particular area;
- are ready to be responsible for the work assigned;
- strive for success and development;
- wish to take part in the creation of a new image of the bank;
- possess knowledge in the field of advanced ideas and technologies and a desire to implement them in practice, 
we possibly have a vacancy to match your experience, qualification and expectations.
If we currently do not have the vacancy you are interested in, and you wish to work at our bank, please complete an application form. 
Are you studying and looking for internship opportunities at our bank?
Are you a new graduate and interested in building up a professional career at our bank?
Visit our website for the information about your bank.
We may have the vacancy you may be interested in.
Or you can complete an application form for students.
Our requirements to potential employees:
- the adequate level of education with specialization in the activity you will be engaged in;
- high mean score of the final diploma (student’s achievement sheet);
- knowledge of foreign languages is preferable;
- good communication skills, teamwork skills, analytical thinking, good math skills, honesty, fidelity to principles, and a sense of responsibility;
- previous participation in the conferences, scientific projects, university social life, etc is welcome.
We offer you the opportunity to start your banking career!

Лучшие курсы в выбранном населенном пункте

04/04/20 we buy we sell
USD 2.5700 2.6000
EUR 2.7670 2.8000
100 units
3.3000 3.3900

USD USD 2.5846
EUR Euro 2.7943
RUB 100 rus.rub. 3.3569
Precious metal
Precious metal
currency value price
BYN 50г 6 300.00
BYN 20г 2 500.00
BYN 10г 1 250.00
Profitable investments