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Trust management of cash and securities

Profitable investments on foreign markets

Name of the instrument Currency of investments

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Eurobonds of the Republic of Belarus Belarus18 US dollars 4,921 26.01.2018 100 000  US dollars to sell

Trust management of cash and securities is a new for the Republic of Belarus method in the investment business. Wealthy people all over the world have already appreciated the benefits of asset management as a way to preserve and increase their capital.    

The essence of trust management means that one party (Trustor) transfers to another party (the Trustee) for a fixed term the funds for further management on behalf of and for the benefit of the Trustor or the indicated by him person (Beneficiary) in different markets in order to gain profit. In this case the transfer of ownership for the funds from the Trustor to the Trustee does not occur.   

JSC Belagroprombank with the help of the trust management provides its customers an opportunity to invest their funds both in the securities market of the Republic of Belarus and in the international market; as well as in the stock exchange market and in the over-the-counter market; in the primary and secondary markets.   

It is worth to indicate significant advantages in investment securities (on domestic and foreign stock market) in comparison with other "traditional" forms in the Republic of Belarus for savings and increase of cash assets:

  • large variety of investment instruments, both Belarusian and foreign;
  • potentially higher return, the investor receives the opportunity to invest in stocks, bonds,  Eurobonds, derivative securities and other
  • capital market instruments that would provide higher returns compared to bank deposits;   
  • a high level of liquidity - acquired in portfolio securities may be sold at any time;   
  • a wide range of combinations of risk and return;   
  • additional income - besides the guaranteed coupon income (for debt instruments) a client can get speculative profit from the resale of the securities as a result of changes in securities prices;
  • Diversification - the presence of a large number of tools allows a client to diversify the portfolio according to different criteria: by currency, maturity, quality issuers.   

Choosing trust management in JSC Belagroprombank, you get an experienced and professional trustee of assets that:   

  • have the necessary time, labor and intellectual resources for managing the investment portfolio;
  • has extensive experience and knowledge of the specifics of the stock market, allowing to achieve maximum efficiency in the management of the assets of the investor;
  • has a strong investment infrastructure, providing a comprehensive solution of problems of customers;
  • provides professional risk control and protection of investments;   
  • interested in getting maximum return on the portfolio of the client.   

Specialists of JSC Belagroprombank will provide  consultations on provision of asset management services, will help in the development of individual strategy that will optimally meet your requirements, agree on the chosen type of general trust agreement. Customer support is provided at all stages of the investment process: when selecting types of investments, risk assessment, determining the technology of works, and in the course of trade. Balanced advice will help you to make the right choice for the possibility of obtaining income from operations in the stock market. Your money will work effectively!

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